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Needle Crafter's Year of Self Care 2021

What is it? 

This year we are focusing on self care.  With so many other concerns on our plates, it’s been hard to take time to stop and focus on ourselves and our crafting. So we have set up some loose monthly themes and goals to keep you focused on crafting and taking care of yourself.  

How Do I Participate?

You want to join us?  Whoo!  That sounds amazing.  Just pick a craft project or activity that fits each monthly theme and tag us with #BSFE on FB, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok.

What Crafts Are Included?

Um, is it needlework?  It’s included.  Knit, Crochet, Tat, Bobbin Lace, Needle Lace, Sewing, Quilting, Spinning, Weaving, Embroidery, If I Failed to Name Your Needlecraft It’s Still Included :)

Will There Be Prizes?

Yes. Monthly! At the end of every month we’ll pick a random winner for a “Year of Self Care” monthly prize, but you have to post to social media and tag #BSFE to be eligible.

Needle Crafter's Year of Self Care 2021 Monthly Themes
Special Stash Project

You know how you buy those special crafting things?  That special skein of yarn, kit, pattern, roving, fabric, etc.? Use one!  Stop waiting to use the good stuff and enjoy your craft.


Treat Yourself

This month is about buying yourself a really special fiber.  So splurge on some silk or qiviut for spinning. Indulge in a bit of alpaca/silk for knitting or crochet.Buy the expensive fabric you’ve been eyeing. Invest in some metal thread or silk thread for lace making or stitching.  Whatever it is that you do, treat yourself to a really special fiber this month.


Spring Into Lightweight Projects

It’s time to get outside and enjoy spring (or fall for our southern hemisphere friends).  If you’ve been working on a big project, find something small and quick.  Now is the perfect time to transition with nature. So grab a lightweight, portable project and take yourself outside for a walk or a sit and enjoy nature


Special Tool

This month we want you to focus on your tools.  Is there a new one you’ve been eyeing?  Something that will make you happy, make the craft easier or faster?  It’s time to make or buy a special tool that will help you in your crafting.


Spa Day/ Little Indulgences

This month is about little indulgences.  So, brew your favorite cuppa and enjoy it while you craft.  Make a little washcloth, loofah, or inspirational wall art.  Do something to pamper yourself while you craft.  It’s all about indulgences this month, so take the time to enjoy life.


Craft in the Sun

Find a spot to relax in the sun and enjoy your craft.  Whether it’s high summer or mid winter, we could all use a little sunshine to brighten our crafting.  Browsing our crafting books and favorite websites definitely counts for this month


Christmas for You

In December we focus our talents on those around us, but right now it’s time to celebrate Christmas in July for You! Buy (or make) a special craft related item that you’ve been wanting and wrap it up.  Make some Christmas treats and open your gift(s) on July 31.



Mindfulness is this month’s focus. Pay attention to how your body is moving while you craft.  Remember to stretch, take a walk, or change positions every 20 minutes.  Take deep breaths and listen to something soothing while you craft.  Try changing crafts/projects and doing something more relaxing


 Back to School for Everyone

Learn a new technique.  Whether a small tip you learn from a free source or a full paid class, it’s time to learn something new!  Learning new things stretches our brains and keeps us active.  It can also be incredibly satisfying.  So this month it’s all about learning!


Spice Up Your Crafting

Use that new technique from September, to add some zest to your crafting.  Make something a little challenging to you.  Or make something a bit more risque.  Not your thing?  Try embracing a color you don’t like in your projects this month.  Then show us your “spicy” crafts.


Thankful Projects 

This month we focus on being thankful for our crafting.  We remember those who taught us, those who encouraged us, and those who appreciate our crafty results.  Tell us in words or photos who/what you are thankful for this month.


Bling It

Oh my.  We are ending the year on a sparkly note.  As sparkly as you want it to be.  Add some zing to your crafting with metallic thread, firestar, gems, beads, or anything you consider “bling.” If you aren’t a sparkly person, it’s ok.  As long as you consider it to be “bling,” it counts.