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Blanket-A-Long Basics

Blanket-A-Long Guidelines
~Knit, crochet, tatting, weaving, and embroidery all are accepted.
~Use our pattern or choose one for yourself!
~Choose a color palette that suits your mood.
~Choose a style that suits your mood: daily, weekly, or monthly!
~Make sure you post photos of your yarn ideas, palette ideas, pattern ideas, and your work in progress.
~Use #blacksheeppurlypirates when posting to IG so we can all share in the fun
~Blanket-A-Long Starts Jan. 1, 2022 and ends Jan. 10, 2023 (a little joining and finishing time just in case)

FaceBook Group Link

orksheet for Knit or Crochet A-long participants 


Grandma's Flower Afghan Crochet-A-Long (Starts Jan. 2022)

Join Tina on the BlackSheep Fiber Emporium YouTube channel for a video series featuring the Grandma's Flower Afghan pattern as a temperature blanket!   This pattern is free in the Facebook group and in the link below.  Check back here for more information as it becomes available. 

Grandma's Flower Afghan PDF


BlackSheep Blanket Knit-A-Long

You are welcome to use the BlackSheep Blanket pattern by Kelli (free in the Facebook group) or your own pattern!  Kelli will be adding to this pattern throughout the year to give us more options as she makes her 52 squares for 52 weeks.  Looking for a kit?  Kelli is using the Mian fingering weight cotton for her blanket.  You can find some suggestions here!
Embroidered Square Monthly Stitch-A-Long

Tina decided to do the embroidered patterns from Alice Makabe's monthly kits.  You can join Tina on her monthly journey by pre-ordering the kits here.  She will be adding videos to our YouTube channel each month as she makes these kits. 


Tat-A-Long Temperature Table Runner or Blanket

Once the idea took hold, Kelli decided to put together a pattern for a tatted table runner or blanket.  You choose how large or small to make your project by changing the thread size, pattern, or number of squares.  Below you'll find a worksheet that gives you a way to record your threads, colors, and temperature ranges.  Kelli also made a blanket-a-long pattern, but they are untested, so you may need to send her corrections.  

Blanket-A-Long Worksheet
Tatted Blanket-A-Long Pattern