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Masks For All

Sometimes in trying times helping others can soothe us. I know this is true for me. Down here in AZ a group of us have marked out 6-foot distances and we are sewing our hearts out to make masks for all of our neighbors with plans to shift materials and techniques for area hospitals (in Hillsboro and AZ).

After much back and forth researching what we think are the best masks to make for us. we seta list of criteria. For all of us (layman), we are making the mask that a quilt shop in Ephrata, WA has put together. This is a bit more time-consuming than the simple pleated front model but appears to have a better seal and fits more comfortably for running around day-to-day.

Our latest mask is super simple and is a quick sew-It also fits amazingly well!  You can find the link here.

Starting next week (or when my special fabric arrives) We are shifting to hospital masks. For these, we are following the pattern developed by the University of Florida and tested by Sewstine on YouTube.

This seems to have a better fit for medical situations. Definitely watch all of these videos so that you can understand why fit is very important and help get masks on everyone so we can both be safe ourselves, help our medical professionals stay safe and try and slow this thing down.

Just as a side note one of my daughters is a nurse and is talking to her friends from nursing school. I think it is difficult outside the medical setting to get the full impact of this situation. They do not have enough safety gear (including masks). Keeping our medical professionals as safe as possible is a worthy goal we can all get behind. If any of you are making masks for yourselves, family, or medical professionals please post photos of them both on#blacksheepcrafttime and #masksforall.

Kelli has been making simple mask extenders with ribbon and half-inch buttons.  She cut the ribbon about 6 inches long, folded an end down about half an inch, and sewed on a button.  Then repeated on the other end.  This is not her original idea, but one she spotted on both FB and Pinterest.  There are crochet and knitted versions as well.  These are worn at the back of the head looped through the elastic and keep the elastic from breaking down your ears.