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Embroidery Brooch Base with Pin (Pre-Order)

This is a "pre-order" for a brooch base with a pin backing from Japan.


Faroe Island Knits (Pre-Order)

Pre-order Faroe Island Knits


Embody (Pre-Order)

This is a "pre-order" for Embody by Pom Pom Publishing and may take 3-4 weeks to arrive.


Romanian Point Lace Europe Handicraft / Japanese Vogue (Pre-Order)

This is a Pre-order and may take 14-21 days from order to shipping.


Sunflower Kit (Mediterranean Knotted Lace)(Pre-Order)

Sunflower KIt in Bibilla or Mediterranean Knotted Lace


Clover Darning Mushroom Kit (Pre-Order)

Pre-Order the Clover Darning Mushroom Set