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"If You Can Knit, You Can Knit Lace" PDF


"Lace Knitting Beyond the Basics" PDF


A to Z Tatting Lace (green book)


An Introduction to Bedforshire Lace


An Introduction to Bruges Lace


An Introduction to Bucks Point Lace


An Introduction to Charted Bobbin Lace


An Introduction to Milanese


An Introduction to Torchon Lace


Beginner's Guide to Bobbin Lace


Beginners Bobbin Lace Kit


Bibilla: Knotted Lace Flowers (pre-order)


Colorful Crochet Lace


Crochet Lace (Asahi original, Japanese)


Crochet Lace Vol. 2 (Asahi original, Japanese)


Einband Icelandic Lace


First Tatting Lace by Sumie (Japanese)


Froth and Foam


Froth and Foam E-Book


Honiton Basic Technical Instruction Book


It's a Wrap


Knitted Lace Jewellry with Wire and Metallic Threads


Lace and Lacey Weaves


Mediterranean Knotted Lace (Pre-order)


Siiri Ratid 2. Triangular Knitted Shawls by Siiri Reimann - copy


Take A Box of Baubles


Take Another Box of Baubles


Tatted Lace: Small Doily (Japanese)


Tatting Lace and Crochet (Japanese)


Tatting Lace Basic Book (Japanese)


Tatting Lace Lesson Book by Sumi Fujishige (Japanese)


The Lace Samples from Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1789-1790


The Return of the Spider


The Small Friendly Spider Book


The Torchon Lace Workbook


Wonderful Tatting Lace (Japanese)