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Stahman's Shawls and Scarves


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Faroese shawls are known for the unique shaping that makes them cling to the wearer's shoulder and not slide off, as many other types of shawls are prone to do. Traditionally, Faroese shawls were knitted from the bottom up. Stahman has devised a method of knitting Faroese shawl patterns starting at the neck and working down, a distinct advantage for the knitter, who can try the shawl on while it is in progress and choose to make it shorter if the garment requires more yarn than planned. In contrast to Nancy Wiseman's book (below), which is targeted to the beginning and intermediate knitter, Stahman's is a master class for the lace-knitting enthusiast. Self-publishing has made it possible for Stahman to concentrate on those aspects of each pattern of most importance to the lace knitter: clear photos of the finished garments, large-scale charts for each design, and a lengthy section on techniques of lace knitting. Color photographs, less important to the lace knitter, who often works in one color, are omitted here, presumably to make the book more affordable. Included are instructions for knitting 14 shawls and 40 seamen's scarves. Essential for large public library and textile collections.
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