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Fiber Trends Felting Supplies

Twisted needles: 

Size 42 Fine: this needle if for final detail work on your project.  A fine eye reflection point, eye pupils etc.

Sizes 36, 38, 40 Triangular Point needles: This shaped needle aids in quick compaction of your fiber for faster felting.  chose  your tip size depending on the fine detail desired.  36 is great for course or beginning your large projects. The larger number (40) is best for honing into a bit finer detail.

Reverse Barb Needles: This needle style pulls fiber out instead of compacting it in.  These needles are great for creating fur, hair or beards.

Size 38 Star: This is a great all purpose felting needle shaped for quick compaction of your fiber.  this is a good needle to start your project with.

Multi-pack: A four pack of Triangular point needles (1 36 (red)gauge, 2, 38  (Green) gauge, 1 40 (blue)gauge).  provide a handy sampler pack for the novice needle felter seeking to play with needle felting.