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Fairy Ring Kits

Worked on large needles 10.5 us, these scarves are almost more hole than not, and yet softer than you could imagine, and striking in different colorways curated into four kits born of the seasons.Each kit contains three mini 16 grams each) cakes of coordinated lace weight yarn (72% Kid Mohair 28% silk) and a detailed pattern card.

Kit color descriptions:

Winter’s Night: Deep winter skies in crisp frozen air, the moon glanced between the trees. Magic flies between the stars.

Awakening Spring: Frost has passed as crocus buds peek through the sod, ushering in light, bright days of dancing colors.

Balloons of Summer: Cotton candy clouds in a deep blue sky, swimming with brightly floating air tied to a bit of string.

Rising Fall: The harvest moon’s glow reflects upon the leaves blanketing the ground. Deep embers of summers gone, piled and left to slowly fade.