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Hedgehog Hat & Cowl Kit

I am most fond of the little hedgehog. Often thought of as a mascot for lace makers because of the many "spines" on the hedgehog's back, I like them because they are small and cute. I chose a rotund tummied hedgehog for this cowl and hat and hope you'll enjoy knitting and wearing the cowl as much as I enjoyed designing and knitting it to share with you!

This pattern is meant for adventurous novice knitters to experienced knitters and all those in-between.

Universal Superwash Kit includes: 2 skeins Universal Deluxe Superwash, pattern(s),  Bag, stitch markers 

Studio Donegal Aran Hat or Cowl Kit includes: 3 skeins Studio Donegal Aran ( cowl has 2 smokey beard, 1 oatmeal) (hat has 1 smokey beard, 2 oatmeal), pattern, Bag, stitch markers

Studio Donegal Aran Hat & Cowl Kit: 6 skeins Studio Donegal Aran (3 smokey beard, 3 oatmeal), pattern, Bag, stitch markers