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Kokomo Recommends

Kokomo that cat was our official greeter at our Orenco Station store.  She now lives with Laura and revels in yarn, perches on shelves and crawls into hidden spaces throughout her home.  Of course BlackSheep would not be the same without special cat themed items!
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Needle Felting Kits


Bunny stitch marker set


Cat Buttons


Cat Shawl Pin


Cat YinYang Pin


Celtic Tatting Shuttle


Dreamlit Tatting Shuttle


Ginger Twist Sheepish Sock

$20.00 $25.00

Ginger Twist Splendor

$24.00 $30.00

Kitty Paw sticky notes

$2.80 $3.50

Lilliput Yarn Simple Sock

$22.40 $28.00

Metallic Cat Stitch Markers


Moonlit Shuttle


Prym Tatting Shuttle


Prym Tatting Shuttle


Sew Mate Shuttle


Silent Wood Tatting Shuttle


Susan Bates Plastic Tatting Shuttle


Unfinished Birch Umbrella Swift 24"


White Tatting Shuttle, removable bobbin