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Lynn's Lovelies Stitch Markers

These gorgeous baubles are handmade by Lynn.  Each set contains 12 stitch markers plus a bonus locking stitch marker attached to one of Lynn's beautiful cards.  Mark your stitches in style with these premium handmade stitch markers.  Available in several options: silver lace, bronze lace, wire, large silver, silver crochet, gold crochet

Amethyst Chip:  These are a natural stone so will vary in size and shape. Most chips are medium size with a purple hue, though some can have grey or white included. Can be made with all findings.

Lapis Lazuli Chip: Blue and grey with white inclusions, another lovely natural stone chip that varies in size, shape and color. Can be made with all findings.

Crazy Eyes: Two acrylic eyes in varying colors to help watch your knitting! Or just to help make you laugh and relax even more when enjoying a lovely knitting project. Can be made with all findings.

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone mix: 12 different colored genuine Swarovski crystals that correspond with each month’s birthstone. Add some bling to your knitting! Can be made with all ring and crochet findings. No wire finding available.

Swarovski Pearls: 12 different colors of genuine Swarovski pearls in a set of lovely stitch markers. Can be made with all ring and crochet findings. No wire finding available.


Lace ring stitch markers,silver or brass color, fit up to size 8-9 needles.

Large Lace fit up to size 15.

Wire can be adjusted in sizing to certain size, but if not specified, generally fit up to size 9 needles. Silver or gold color wire is available.

Crochet can be used for either crochet or knitting, silver or gold in color, and fits up to size 11 needles.