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Mrs.Hughes Chatelaine by Madre Beads

Tina's favorite modern Day Chatelaine.  Whether finishing up a knitwear/crochet project, stitching on my needlework or making lace having a pair of scissors, a repair hook or a needle case handy is pure gold.  The Velvet look band on this stretches so you can take the tools to your work without needing to unhook them.

What is a Chatelaine? 

  1. DATED
    a woman in charge of a large house.
      a set of short chains attached to a woman's belt, used for carrying keys or other items.

For us, a chatelaine is a lanyard with multiple hooks for crafting, but really applies to any multi use lanyard. I am a knitter, a crafter, a seamstress. For me, having my thread snips and a ruler handy are vital. You could easily attach a few stitch markers, a lip balm and the keys to the car. Much like Mrs.Hughes of Downton Abbey, you can hold your bits and bobs nearby.

Each chatelaine includes a Madre needle gauge ruler, made with untreated wood for an excellent essential oil diffuser. Available in the entire color palette of "Velveteen", each chatelaine has a cascading series of 3 natural beads, adjustable length with extra long options, a key ring with extra lanyard hooks for all of your needs! 

Madre Beads are intended to be worn by adults. Small parts may pose choking hazard. Madre Beads are not a toy. Children should be supervised while wearing jewelry, and should never sleep with jewelry on.

Because of the nature of wood beads, all beads may not look exactly the same. Our key fob rulers are laser engraved in St.Johns PDX. Necklaces are made in Hillsboro, Oregon by Madre Beads.