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Hiroshima Needle Sewing Pin Set

An assorted set of needles that is is portable and can be taken anywhere.

3 sewing needles / for thick fabrics 51.5mm x 0.84mm
Sewing needle / 3 for regular fabrics 51.5mm x 0.84mm
3 sewing needles / 3 for thin fabrics 51.5mm x 0.84mm
Glass pins (rainbow) / 4pcs 35mm x 0.5mm
Glass pins (sparkle) / 2pcs 37mm x 0.5mm
Threader 1pcs

--Hiroshima Needle 
Hiroshima Needle is a local manufacturer in Hiroshima and has a history of more than 300 years.
Under a strict quality control, they strive to manufacture products that can be used with a peace of mind.