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Quilt Inspired Designs in Split Ring Tatting

Quilt Inspired Designs in Split Ring Tatting
by Karen Bovard Sayre

This book, "Quilt-Inspired Designs in Split Ring Tatting" gives todays tatters a whole new approach to tatting.

Not only are the designs created completely of rings (Regular, Split, & Take-Off Rings), no chains; but they allow tatters to explore the world of quilting--a world of repetition, symmetry & color.

The book is 8.5 x 11 inches. 47 Pages. Full-color. 38 Patterns. Additional design & color ideas included.

All patterns are in illustrated form. This format allows for a comprehensive guide to: which thread source creates each part; ring-by-ring directions as to how to work the piece continuously (in one round) as well as reducing the complexity of the working technique--such as negating the need for using Split Ring Joining Technique.

The 38 patterns/designs in this 47 page book are base upon traditional quilt patterns including:
Grandmothers Flower Garden, Log Cabin, Granny Square, Card Trick, Wreath, Quilted Heart, Danish Heart, 8-Pointed Star, Twist, Dominos & Squares, Woven Ribbons, Sienna Square, Flying Geese (3 designs), Diamond-Based (16 designs), Pinwheel-Based (7 designs).

An additional 24 illustrations give inspiration for 'future designs', 'design ideas', & 'color options'.