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Portland Community College (PCC) Flock Yarn

This special batch yarn is produced from the fleece of the crossbred sheep who reside at the Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus.  

The 2017 batch was separated into the dark Navajo-Churro x Jacob sheep and the light Romney x Dorset X Rambouillet.  The white fleece was further separated into two batches and some of the farm's alpaca fleece was mixed in with one batch.  The 2-ply yarn has a generous yardage of 400 yards and 100g in a light fingering/heavy lace weight skein. 

The 2016 batch separated the fleece into the dark Najavo-Churro x Jacob sheep and the light Romney x Dorset X Rambouillet.  This 2-ply yarn has a generous yardage of 200 yards and 50 g in each fingering weight skein.  

The 2015 batch blended the fleeces of the Romney x Dorset x Rambouillet sheep and the Navajo-Churro x Jacob sheep for a lovely naturally colored and heathered-appearing yarn.  This 2-ply yarn has a generous 400 yards and 4 oz. of fingering weight yarn in every skein.  The wonderful texture and coloration it produced from the unique combination of sheep and will provide a great rustic quality to your projects. 

All proceeds from the sales of this yarn are used to help pay for the shearing and upkeep of the flock at Portland Community College so that the students may continue to learn about sheep as part of their Veterinary Technology program.  Thank you for supporting the PCC flock!