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As My Wimsey Takes Me

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the way the Ravelry form works for submitting patterns, the “gauge” listed here is incorrect (I suspect a lot of crochet patterns will have trouble with this). The TRUE gauge is 2 pattern repeats (not “stitches”) = 4.25” and six rows = 2.25”.

I’ve named this pattern “As My Wimsey Takes Me” (no, that’s not a misspelling) because my husband and I were reading aloud Dorothy Sayers’ wonderful Lord Peter Wimsey mystery novels while I worked on it. The title is from the Wimsey coat of arms, with the spelling for “whimsy” changed to be the same as Lord Peter’s surname. Because I’m weird that way. ^_^

This is a light, full-size shawl that is easy to crochet.